The Association

Who We Are

AMPIT, the Association of Italian Professional Managers, is a non-profit professional association managed in compliance with the regulations governing intellectual professions (Law No. 4/2013 and Legislative Decree 13/2013) with the aim of acknowledging, supporting and developing managerial skills.

AMPIT connects managers with diversified experience across all industry sectors.
AMPIT develops managers and their recognition as highly experienced professionals .
What We Do

We promote the professional manager, who works at different levels of responsibility and competence in their organization, endorsing a system based on professionalism, meritocracy, ethics, transparency and social responsibility.

In particular:

We support lifelong learning and we define the professional role of the AMPIT managers in accordance with internationally recognized standards and criteria, where applicable (e.g. European Qualifications Framework);
We authorize members to use the AMPIT membership as brand certification for their professional services, according to the provisions of Law 4/2013.
We promote the recognition of skill, talent, competence and experience which encompass the managerial role and development in the business;
We foster the adoption of managerial culture and knowledge, through collaboration with institutions, research centers and other associations, both in Italy and abroad.

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